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Chapter 505: 505: The Jings are Here

After managing the matters with Zhan Shuyu, Master Zhan was having a quiet dinner with Zhan Yuheng when they welcomed an unwanted guest in the Zhan mansion.

The Jing couple were sitting nervously in the huge living room of the Zhan Mansion. Butler Xu had told them to give him a minute and then completely disappeared.

They continued waiting patiently in the living room, but there wasn’t even a servant that served them tea.

“Why aren’t they here yet? Are they doing this intentionally to embarra.s.s us?”

“If you want to ruin Xiao Lu, you can continue doing so and p.i.s.s her off. Once she’s done with you and decides not to help you, you will see Xiao Lu’s video being posted all over the internet. Xiao Lu’s reputation would be completely ruined and you will be able to experience the Bai family leaving us.”

Father Jing’s words immediately shut her up and she didn’t dare say another word.

The Jing couple had arrived at six in the evening and waited till 8 o’clock before Master Zhan walked into the room with his slow and steady pace with the help of Butler Xu.

When they saw that it was Master Zhan, they immediately stood up in fear to greet him.

Master Zhan didn’t say a word. Instead, he waved his hands and told them to take a seat.

“Director Zhan, I didn’t think that you would be meeting us personally. We were at the hospital when you got involved in the accident. Are you feeling better now?”

The person who replied to them was Butler Xu.

“Our Master has just been discharged today and will be recovering at home.”

The Jing couple quickly smiled and said, “It’s true that you should rest more since you have been involved in such a major accident. You must be exhausted.”

“Qianqian is already in bed now. You may speak to her another time.”

Master Zhan finally opened his mouth.

Father Jing was stunned, while Mother Jing spoke instead.

“It’s only 8 in the evening. She has never gone to bed at such hours back at home.”

As soon as she was done speaking, Father Jing nudged her with his elbow and Mother Jing quickly shut her mouth.

Butler Xu answered once again, “The Third Young master has not been feeling well these days. It has been the Young Mistress taking care of him during this period and she was also the one caring for Master when he was involved in the accident. She has been extremely busy these few days. She just returned with the Young Master today. They skipped dinner and went directly to bed.”


Mother Jing wanted to continue speaking but Father Jing interrupted her.

“Oh, it’s alright. We’ll just let her rest. Master Zhan, you should rest as well.”

Then, he stood up and said, “We’ll be leaving now.”

Master Zhan was just like an emotional robot as he said to the Jing couple, “Goodbye.”

Father Jing nodded his head before turning to Butler Xu, “When you meet Qianqian, please inform her that there is an urgent matt

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