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Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Author: The Leaf That Goes Against Water

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Updated: 2021-10-01 22:08:52

Latest chapter: 944 The Ten-Year-Long Internet Story in This World The End - 2/2

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《Black Tech Internet Cafe System》Latest chapter
944 The Ten-Year-Long Internet Story in This World The End - 2/2
943 Huh?! Where Are My Potato Chips!? The End - 1/2
942 The War Ends; Gods and Demons' Fall!
941 The Incarnation of the Great Dao!
940 No Regrets over Entering Huaxia in This Life; Wish to Be Born in Zhonghua in the Next Lifetime!
939 We’ll Be Writing Our Own Legends II
938 We’ll Be Writing Our Own Legends I
937 The World-Ending Tribulation!
936 One Essence Turns into Three Pure Ones; The Final Battle Is About to Begin!
935 Saint Patriarch Showing Up! You Have No Idea What Kind of Existences Are Behind Us!
934 Break the Array?!
933 Shen Gongbao Instigates Profound Spell High Holiness’ Defection
《Black Tech Internet Cafe System》' main text
944 The Ten-Year-Long Internet Story in This World The End - 2/2
943 Huh?! Where Are My Potato Chips!? The End - 1/2
942 The War Ends; Gods and Demons' Fall!
941 The Incarnation of the Great Dao!
940 No Regrets over Entering Huaxia in This Life; Wish to Be Born in Zhonghua in the Next Lifetime!
939 We’ll Be Writing Our Own Legends II
938 We’ll Be Writing Our Own Legends I
937 The World-Ending Tribulation!
936 One Essence Turns into Three Pure Ones; The Final Battle Is About to Begin!
935 Saint Patriarch Showing Up! You Have No Idea What Kind of Existences Are Behind Us!
934 Break the Array?!
933 Shen Gongbao Instigates Profound Spell High Holiness’ Defection
932 Daoist Friend, Please Wait!?
931 If Strength Is Not Enough, Use Brains
930 Greedy for Treasures
929 Heaven-Reaching Abilities!?
928 Three Sky Fairies Swept up a blood storm!
927 The Ten Ultimate Arrays Aren’t That Powerful?
926 The Immortal Master Has Descended!
925 Declare war against the three realms; retreat or die!
924 Ten Ultimate Arrays!
923 Gods’ Investiture List Opens; Killing Tribulation Begins!
922 Investiture of the Gods!
921 Sect Master Tongtian’s Teacher?!
920 Immortal-Slaying Sword Array… The Descendance of gods and demons!
919 Five-Colored Godly Light!
918 Who’s This Person Named Kong Xuan?!
917 Daoist Friend, Please Wait!?
916 The Power of the three Sect Masters!
915 Nine-Turn Yellow River Array!
914 Head-Nailing Seven Arrow Book… Can also be learned?!
913 I want to learn this!
912 Ten Ultimate Arrays! Members of Jie Sect began to show power!
911 Fuxi’s Connate Eight Trigrams!
910 The Most Horrifying Catastrophe!
909 The System Finished the Upgrade! Investiture of the Gods Is Released!
908 I’ll Go and Ask My Master to Come Out!
907 Elder, we are out of money!
906 Elder Ren Kui Honors the Shop with His Visit! Zhou Yi Divination Machine with Fruit Symbols!?
905 Today, I’ll Wake You up with Beating!
904 Pazeni Sauti!? the New Movement Technique Is Activated!?
903 I, Yao Ji, Can’t Pass the Movement Technique Test?! Watch Me…
902 One Step to Heaven Test!
901 Aiyaiyai!? What are people doing in this shop!?
900 Arcade hall in Innumerable-Immortal Sea; BBK learning machine!?
899 Mr. Fang’s Task
898 The Next TV Series Is… Investiture of the Gods!?
897 Two Realms Are Watching in Secret! Taking the Ultimate Treasure by Force!
896 The God of War and His Illiterate and Humiliating Old Father Who Has No Sense of Direction
895 Learning New Godly Technique from Mr. Fang – Strong Locking Man!
894 The Ultimate Duel of Power and Technique at the Top Level in the Mythological World
893 Sir, Didn’t You Say You’d Stop the Livestream at Noon?
892 Wildly Testing on the Verge of Failure
891 The Game Was Designed for Me to Show Off?
890 God of War 4, a New Game That Mr. Fang Has Never Played. the Livestream Begins!
889 The Release of God of War 4… the God of War Is Old
888 Top-quality Ingredient; Mr. Fang Cooking the New Orleans Style Wings?!
887 This Man Is a Devil!
886 God of War Vs. Valkyrie!
885 What Power Does This Bald Guy Have? How Dare He Call Himself the God of War?!
884 Valkyrie Shows Her Hand!
883 Understanding of Spells?! Crushed in All Aspects!
882 I’ll Show You How Real Gods Fight!
881 Are You Devils!?
880 What Magic Spell Did You Use?!
879 The God… Has Descended! Come out and Worship Now!
878 Damn It! Sir, Do You Have Other Games in Which We Can Slay Gods?!
877 Kun Hunter Champion!?
876 Descend!
875 The Beginning of Slaying Gods!
874 The First Experience in God of War! Beginning!
873 Mysterious Gift Bag for Mythological TV Series!?
872 Plans for Mobile Games?!
871 This Sounds Fishy… the Void Plan!
870 New Snacks! Super Yummy! Mustard-Flavored Seaweed! Durian Candies! Stinky Tofu!
869 Mr. Fang’s New Reward
868 Gods and Demons Are All Defeated!
867 We’re Never Afraid of a Technology Competition!
866 Above the Gods - the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal!
865 In a Sage’s Faction! The Rise of the Players!
864 When the Great Sage Comes, All Immortals Dim!
863 That’s… The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal!
862 The Unparalleled Battle Shocked Gods and Demons!
861 Real Masters!
860 A Legend from the Distant Ancient Huaxia Nation!
859 This is…!!
858 The Expedition of the Innumerable-Immortal Sea and the Descendance of Demonic Gods!
857 Let’s See What These Guys Are Doing?!
856 The Fall of Anton!
855 Black Volcano!
854 Will the Various Great Dao Help Me Pass Anton?!
853 Apocalypse… Ahh?!
852 Anton broke its foot!
851 A Higher Realm—Omniblade! Hypervigilance!
850 The Black Mist Wiped out the Team?!
849 Begin to Synchronize with the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal!
848 The Tough Challenge Begins!
847 Demonic God!
846 The Immortal Peach Gift Box, Abundant Prizes!
845 Many Immortals Gather; 100,000 Immortal Soldiers!
844 Minor God from an Alternate World, You Did You Best!
843 The Master of the Gui Family
842 Who’s the God of Destruction?!
841 The Mortal World Is Filthy Again!
840 Don’t Block My Way, Guys!
839 Immortal!
838 Wish
837 Cultivation
836 Changes in the cultivation room!
835 Showing Various Superpowers… and the new powerhouse ‘QQ Studio’?!
834 Havoc in Heaven!
833 The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal!
832 Elder Asked Me Why I’m Watching on My Knees; I Don’t Know!
831 Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod!
830 Borrowing Treasures from The Dragon Palace… and the Immortal Who Was About to Descend!
829 72 Transformations, Cloud Somersault, and Wondrous Way of Immortality!
828 Listening to Patriach Subodhi's Teaching and Hearing Buddha’s Words - Learning from a Sage!
827 The Mountain of Mind and Heart!
826 Water Curtain Cave in Flower-Fruit Mountain… Monkey King!
825 Monkey?!
824 As the shop owner, I can only give you this advice…
823 Destruction Era!
822 Trailer of Wrath of the Lich King, and Countdown of Journey to the West and the Beginning of the New Era!
821 If I Could Hear Dao in the Morning, I May Die in the Evening Without Regret!
820 Shatter Casually
819 Saint!
818 Mr. Fang’s Big Gift Bag Dropped the Heavenly Mirror?!
817 Godly Punishment!
816 These Memories Will Always Stay in Our Hearts
815 The Easter Egg in Diablo 2, the Mysterious Cow Level, and True Forms of Demon Lords!
814 Don't Think That You Have No Friends on Your Journey, You Are Well Known in the World.
813 Once in the Dungeon, No Longer Love Anyone In the Real World
812 Love Games, Love Life
811 Faction Master, Please Listen to My Explaination!
810 Getting Drunk and Dreaming of Immortal Nectar
809 Official Partnership, Secret Big Prizes Await You!
808 Time Boils the Rain
807 You Did Your Best, Small God in the Mortal World!
806 Heaven Punishment, Qi Tiandi Descends!
805 I’m a Demon Dragon from the Prehistoric Times, and I Need Magic Crystals to Buy Gift Bags in League of Legends
804 Sir! Bad News! a Dragon Passed out in Fear!
803 Water-Curtain Cave in Flower-Fruit Mountain, Stay Tuned?!
802 The Beginning of the New Expansion
801 Origins and Laws? Journey to the West Is About to Be Released!
800 Becoming Gods Through E-Sports? Get to Know I
799 Recovery
798 A Commemorative Album of Youth
797 The Godly Cour
796 What Did We Find? a Smirk Face Emoji That Is All Alone
795 Catching a Smirking Face Emoji with Square Jungling
794 Square Jungler and Triangle Mid Laner
793 The Enemy Is Too Powerful. System, Let’s Surrender?
792 The Powerful Enemy in the Dream… Immortal General Fei Peng!
791 Immortal Dream
790 The Turbulent Homeland: the godly battle at the peaks of Eight Mountain Pillars begins!
789 Power as High as a Great Mountain! Is This…a God-Like Figure?!
788 Secret Technique! Feeding Double Kill!
787 Newbies Are All Monsters
786 Ancestral Master, That’s Coke…
785 Take the Ancestral Master to Origins Internet Club!
784 The Tutorial of the battle between Child Zed and ATM Leblanc
783 Face-Checking a Brush
782 Igniting the Flames of War the Summoner’s Rift!
781 E-Sports, Here I come!
780 Learned a New Skill: Reciting Poems
779 Turbulent Homeland - the Pinnacle in Warriors’ Dreams!
778 League of Legends - the Glorious Chapter in This World!
777 The E-Sports Industry that Held Up the World
776 Asking Mr. Fang to Teach Dao?
775 Era of Everyone Participating in E-Sports
774 Add Some Special Effects
773 Mr. Fang’s Personal Interview
772 The Supreme Lord of the ‘Origins’?
771 The Idle Students Have Difficulty in the Game? Instructor Fang’s Fool’s Tutorial School Is Open for Business!
770 Getting a lesson from Sulyvahn? Teach him a lesson with parry!
769 Elves begin to dance awkwardly with Instructor Sulyvahn
768 Embarking on the mythical journey, Aldrich, Devourer of Gods!
767 Farron’s Breakdance Crew, Teaching Awkward Dance Online
766 The Choice Between Obligation and Destiny, Farron's Undead Legion
765 Who Dares to Call Me an Entertainment Streamer? Watch Me Open the Treasure Ches
764 You Think You’re Great After Defeating Gundyr? Everyone Gets a Lessen in the Novice Village
763 Fight the Boss in novice village for one year? Come and check out the game that has the most value?
762 A Group of Newbies Entered the Game
761 We Have a Holiday on June 1? Promotion on June 1 and the Release of the New Game
760 The myth in the darkness—Dark Souls!
759 Three-Year Imprisonment at the Least, Execution by Fire at the Highest!
758 Operation ‘Heavenly Punishment’; The Doomsday of Haters!
757 The restless Blizzard haters
756 The End of the War
755 The Dark Desperation Move - Soul Destruction!
754 Mr. Fang Got Seen Through?!
753 Astonishing Turn of Events!
752 Epic Victory! but… the Shop Owner Got Kidnapped?!
751 Charge! For Victory and Glory!
750 Saint-Slaying Battle!
749 Risking the Honor of a Main Tank!
748 For the Horde!
747 A Hard Battle!
746 For the Alliance!
745 Miracle!
744 The Horn Is Blowing!
743 The Darkest Moment!
742 A sudden change for the worse!
741 Embrace the Fear in You Heart!
740 Holy Light Is with Us; The Horn for Counterattack!
739 Arise!
738 The Sorrowful Cries of Orcs
737 The Secrets from the Ancient Times
736 Internet Café Rescue Mission
735 The Gathering of Masters
734 New System Task: Holy Light Miracle!
733 The Oath of Knights
732 The Players Who Probably Won’t Go Online Again
731 Small Game Warcraft, and the World’s Nightmare
730 The Burning Crusade and the Imminent War
729 The Ending of Outlast II
728 The Ending of Outlast I
727 The Daily Life of Haters
726 You Use Musou. Instead, You Show Us Hide-And-Seek?!
725 Come and Play If You Dare! You Will Be Terrified!
724 A Large Group of Haters Are Arriving on the Battleground
723 Continue the Livestream; I Have Had Special Training on Survival Skills!
722 How Come You Slid Under the Desk During Your Livestream?
721 Welcome to Mount Massive Asylum
720 Playing World of Warcraft Equals to Treason?
719 A lecture from “Masters”
718 Can’t Think of Anything but Fancy Operations? Elves Want to Livestream Their Fierce Fight in Outlas
717 Of Love and Family
716 Don’t Be Fooled by the Trailer; This Must Be a Funny Game!
715 Life Skills and Casual Players
714 A Simple Story About Heroes
713 I Thought I’d Wet My Pants in Fear, But I Ended Up Laughing like a Pig?!
712 Something Doesn’t Feel Righ
711 Is This a Horror Movie?
710 A Group Tour to the Lake?
709 Onlookers of the big white deer
708 Heaven Is on the Left, and the Warriors Turn to the Righ
707 It Was Too Scary for Elves; I Think This Should Be a Terrifying Disaster Movie
706 An Evil God’s Whispers
705 Unrivaled addon Hearthstone?!
704 The new crisis of the players
703 The Avengers, and A New Round of Mental Strength Cultivation
702 Arise, My Champion! Is It Too Late to Change My Faith to Holy Light?!
701 Nothing Seemed Wrong?!
700 You…Put Poison in the Milk?!
699 Leader, how come the milk is green?
698 The Least Lucky Player and the Luckiest Player, and the War Between Two of the Least Lucky Players
697 Doing Instance Throughout the Night. You People of East Continent Cultivate So Damn Enthusiastically?
696 Warrior-Mage-Priest System. the ‘Blizzard Workshop’ Has Such a Deep Understanding of Magic?!
695 Class Oath
694 Shadow
693 The Greatest Power of Holy Light: Redemption!
692 The darkness that can’t be dispelled by ligh
691 The Exploitation Journey of the People in This World
690 The Beginning of 'For the Horde!'
689 We Discovered a Super ‘Treasure Reserves’—Deadmines!
688 This Elder Is a Muggle, and the End of Battleground Filled with Newbies
687 Online-Game-Scale Mystical Realm?
686 ADHD Before Battle, and Elder Su who went AFK on the battleground
685 The first battle begins! Warsong Gulch!
684 New Paladins Discovered a Teleportation Item Named Hearthstone
683 Leaving in Reluctance
682 The Killing Elevator Incident in Undercity
681 A Large Group of Newbies Arrive at the Battlefield
680 A Totally Different Life
679 Who Is the Greatest Race?
678 You’re Entrusted with the Glorious Task of Saving Humans!
677 The Undead Rogue in Deathknell
676 Here Comes a Dog-Headed Man?
675 The Vastest Game World!
674 Heated Discussions About the New Game
673 The Online Game About to Be Released Is Called World of Warcraft?
672 What Are You Guys All Doing?
671 I Control My Destiny and Not the Heavens! The Grandest Eulogy of Humans!
670 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4 Isn’t as Good as the Previous Games in the Series?
669 The Ascendance of the Whole Faction!
668 Returning to Qionghua and Battling
667 Hou Yi Sun-Shooting Bow, Immortal General Gou Mang!
666 The Mystical Land in the Sky—the Temple of the Sky!
665 Bold Mortals
664 Peak of Buzhou Mountain. Aurogon!
663 The Ancient Legendary Place—Buzhou Mountain
662 Friendship in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy
661 Making Artifact on the Heaven-Abiding Sword Platform in Qionghua Faction
660 The Dwarf Clan
659 Dashing Sword Immortal, and Making Artifact Online
658 What Are Elves? Can We Catch Them with Poke Balls?
657 The Elves’ First-Time Using the Sword Control Technique
656 The New Task for the Large-Scale Online Game —World of Warcraf
655 Only Used Two Strikes?!
654 You Might Be the Worst Group of Gamers That I Tutored!
653 Assassination
652 Everything Is Ready
651 Rise! Assassins!
650 Execution!
649 Murong Ziying
648 Monsters at Nest Lake; the Sword Immortal Emerges!
647 Gradually Merging In
646 Five-Spiritual Immortal Spell
645 Kui Zhao Materialized in Rock Creek Cave
644 Elder Su Is Being Mocked Again
643 Major Streamers Began to Broadcast the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 4
642 You Will Miss an Opportunity to Become Rich
641 More Fun in the Game
640 Expectation
639 Azure Wave Sword Tune and Immortal Dream; The Primeval Qionghua’s Appearance
638 Lava Workshop
637 Mr. Fang’s Hometown?
636 The Legend of the Sword and Fairy 4
635 The End of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
634 The Shadow from Ancient Times
633 Do You Know Who Altair Is?
632 Elves Moving out in a Group
631 The Imminent Arrival of the Elf Clan and…the Tragedy for Assassins
630 Assassin’s Creed Is Spreading in the Elf Clan
629 Elf assassins who were led to the wrong path by Mr. Fang
628 Even Master Assassins Can’t Pass This Mystical Realm
627 The Chains of Faith
626 The War of Faith
625 The Silver Moon Fores
624 The Assassination at Castel Sant’Angelo
623 The Beginning of Brotherhood in the New World, and the Elves Who Are Learning Musou
622 The Release of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
621 I Heard You Found Clues to the Assassins Who Tried to Assassinate Luther?
620 You’ll Lose Money If You Do Business This Way
619 The Collective Building-Jumping Incident in This World
618 The Meaning of ‘Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted’
617 Don’t Assassinate; Use Musou
616 Sellers’ Show and Buyers’ Show
615 Watch How I Assassinate the Targe
614 Master Assassin Su Tianji’s Livestream
613 Assassin’s Creed I
612 The Whole Place Is Stunned
611 An Assassination in Daylight?
610 The Small Shop That No One Will Visi
609 The Release Date Is Not Set?
608 Assassins Are like This?!
607 Announcement of A New Game?
606 You Bunch of Noobs; Don’t Ever Come Again
605 All of You Can Stay
604 Withdrawal?
603 Misfire?
602 War Weapons!
601 Time to Counterattack!
600 How Come We Can’t Watch the Battles?
599 Sorry! I Can’t Fight Without Being Blind
598 With My Real Eyes Gone, My Mind’s Eye Opens!
597 The Furious Roars of Eight Million Fighters
596 Battle!
595 We Might Be Watching the Fake Barbaric Natives
594 You Stole All the Thunder
593 The Rumored Battling in Suits
592 Internet Café Army! Roll out!
591 The War Is About to Begin!
590 A Sword Came from West, Flying Immortal Beyond the Heavens
589 Nothing Is Dazzling Enough to Be Compared to I
588 Techniques Reaching Dao Achievement, Limited Time Offer – Movie: The Duel
587 Super Su Tianji Cannon?
586 Everything Will Be Settled
585 Sir! Open the Genetic Lock!
584 Nothing Is True. Everything Is Permitted - Assassins’ Elegy
583 Pathetic Foils
582 Understanding of Ultimate Techniques
581 Tyrants and Lickers Came out as Small Monsters?!
580 Do You Want to Understand the Meaning of Life? Do You Want to Live for Real?
579 New Difficulty Levels; New Challenges!
578 How Come There Is Such an Oriental Man?
577 Resident Evil 2?
576 Sir, Deposit More Money!
575 Dumb Mr. Fang Arrived at the New Continen
574 The People of the Upper Realm Can Livestream Too?
573 This Isn’t Scientific!
572 Ugh? How Come It Looks like This?
571 Is the World Round or Square?
570 A Young Man Who Had Lost His Dreams
569 More Than Just the Theme Song in This TV Series
568 West Lake Is So Beautiful in March
567 Do I Look like Someone Who Would Bully Xiaoyue?
566 Mr. Fang Got the Legend of the White Snake?
565 Amazing Prizes
564 The New Janitors of the Shop
563 I’m the Best! No! I’m Even Better!
562 Threatening Mr. Fang?
561 The end of the F1 World Championship and the Contestant Interview
560 The Immortal Has a Successor
559 The Rise of Black Light Grandmaster and the Fall of Six Masters II
558 The Rise of Black Light Grandmaster and the Fall of Six Masters I
557 The Audience Sitting near Mr. Fang
556 We Can Dress as the People of Ultimate West Realm to Watch Onsite
555 The Quality of Supreme-Tier Players
554 Unleash the Power
553 The Poison Milk Duo’s Powerful Return
552 Dazzling? or Just Crazy?
551 The Outlanders Who Were Stupefied by the Opening Cinematics
550 The Fairy Can Sing
549 Sir, A Fairy Is Looking for You
548 All Masters with Foresight in the World Gather Here
547 My Loss, Your Gain
546 Mr. Fang’s Competition Will Be Cancelled?
545 I’ll Give You the Gift of Destruction
544 The Huge Crack in the Heavenly Abyss Sea
543 A Bigger Arena
542 World Companionship, No.1 World-Wide Martial Dao Conference
541 Ghost 7: Furious Blache
540 The Cultivation World Is on the Brink of Destruction, and You Guys Are Making Sky Outfit Set?!
539 Didn’t She Say That She Will Only Give It a Try? but the Crystals…?!
538 The First Livestream of People in This World
537 Great Teammate and Seamless Teamwork II
536 Great Teammate and Seamless Teamwork I
535 Unrivaled Mechanical bull
534 Dark Abyss Mode Initials; the E-sport Begins!
533 Growth and the Imminent First Awakening
532 I’ll Investigate After I Reinforce My Weapon
531 Let Me down If You Dare!
530 Maybe He’s a Little Noob?
529 A Story About E-Sports
528 Reinforcement Make You Poor for Three Generations
527 Although I don’t understand it, it looks great.
526 Weapons That Emit Lights
525 Black Diamond Membership, It Is Worth Having?
524 Leveling Up in Clumsiness
523 The Place Where the Dreams Begin
522 How Come People of This Subclass Are Blind?!
521 Old Driver, Bring Me with You
520 The Shop Owner Is Cheating?
519 Vanishing Step
518 Secret Sword Ar
517 The Weak Adventurers
516 The Internet Connection Is Off
515 How Can I Adventure on Arad While Wearing Those Ugly Clothes?
514 Arad Continen
513 Dungeon Fighter Online— The Game Is Free?!
512 Do You Think You Can Do Whatever You Want with A Large Payment?
511 Sincerely Become a Disciple to a Master
510 How Come You Warriors of Deserted Sea Realm Seem to Know Everything!
509 Combat Techniques Are So Powerful? Let’s Compete with Sword Techniques
508 Pray for Himself
507 To Learn This Technique, You Must Start from Zero...
506 Before Finish Using One Move
505 Completely Unrivalled
504 Mr. Fang Got Mocked
503 Every Place Is A Scenery
502 Arriving at Spiritual State
501 Whoever Chickens out Is the Loser
500 Teleportation Array Is Finished; the Netizens Are Going to Mee
499 Escaped
498 Couldn’t Hold Back and Have to Mimic
497 The Legendary Battle
496 Boss Not Running the Tour Bus?
495 Who’s More Authentic?
494 Are You Going to Play or Not?
493 Upgrading the Shops Again
492 From the Shadows
491 Not Seats? Watch Anime Firs
490 Lecture on QQ
489 Plan
488 Go and Scout Out That Shop
487 People from Exotic Realm
486 The Researchers in the Shop
485 Got A Few More Antiques
484 GG for All
483 Come out for Me!
482 Can Do Nothing but Yelling Awesome
481 Watching Crowd
480 A Netizen Meetup?
479 Prelude
478 Can Be Said as Very Pleased
477 Hand Slipped
476 Issue Derived from StarCraf
475 We Live on a Star as Well?
474 Is This Why You Call the Shop Owner Scum?
473 An Honorable Match?
472 There Is Such A Strategy?
471 A Competition?
470 The Ocean of Zerg
469 Battle Seven Zerg!
468 War Commander
467 StarCraf
466 Great New Snow
465 An Idea Inspired by The Matrix
464 The Spiritual State and the Deserted Sea Realm
463 Test the Theory
462 The World based On Digits
461 Another Battle Between Immortals?
460 Dumb or Not?
459 Almost Swayed My Faith in Dao
458 The Real World
457 The Weird World in the Movie
456 Tour Group Sets Off to The Matrix
455 It’s Always Right to Follow the Steps of the Shop Owner
454 The Post Bar Forum Is Unlocked
453 Buddhistic Players, Just Cover Your Head
452 Mr. Fang Is Unrivaled
451 The Battle in the New Immortal World
450 What is the Shop Owner Battling?
449 Visit the Internet Cafe Tomorrow
448 Arrival of New Players
447 Previous Life and Current Life
446 Battle With Memes When Disagreeing
445 I See Nothing; You Guys Continue
444 Xiaoyue Unleashing Her Power
443 You Want to Take My Communication Jade?
442 Where Are They?
441 Why Are You Running?
440 Are You All Like This When Playing Games?
439 Do You Have a Garbage Can?
438 Mr. Fang Failed to Establish Dominance?
437 Sword Slaves
436 Sneak-Attack and Also Steal Potato Chips?
435 Playing With the Communication Jade Firs
434 Jiang Xiaoyue’s Entrance Exam
433 Danger
432 Metal Machines and Spiritual Artifacts
431 Testing the Water
430 Still Your Boss
429 Pick Up in A Supercar?
428 No Customers? Play Ourselves to Have Fun
427 Scared to Tears
426 The New Shop Owner Is Playing the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 3!
425 Not a Big Deal to Borrow More Money When the Debt Is Already High
424 Buy A Shop
423 Yuanyang City
422 Do You Want to Join My Guild?
421 Mocking Before Fighting
420 Bold and Fearless Sword Control Technique
419 Whose Sword Control Technique Is Authentic?
418 Mr. Fang Put the Crash on Livestream
417 Heading to Spirit State
416 Mr. Fang’s super big gift box
415 A Face So Ugly That It Should be Illegal
414 Opening The Boxes Together; Moon Goddess Gun – Artemis Came Out!
413 The People in this Otherworld Know How to Have Fun
412 How can she lose?
411 E-Sports in this Otherworld
410 Blinded by the sigh
409 You’re All Talented
408 A Brand-New Outlook
407 A Strange Person Slipped In
406 The Musical Festival and the King of Fighters Competition
405 The New Year Party
404 The Beginning of the Special Chapter: Vergil's Downfall
403 The Final Battle
402 Entering the World Stage
401 The Female Dark Knigh
400 I’ll Fight After Eating
399 A Senior Who Can Only Play Erhu
398 Teach the Black-Hearted Boss a Lesson
397 Have to Go to school?
396 He Is Your Big Brother?
395 From Old Devil Fang to Sensei Fang
394 This Is a Teleportation Array, Not a Weapon
393 The Demonic Energy
392 Came from Across the Ocean
391 Heaven or Hell
390 Can’t Do It Even After the Lesson?
389 Release – Grand First Show
388 I lose if I fall
387 Visitors from Three Factions
386 The Law of Time
385 Boast Firs
384 Devil May Cry 3
383 Very Satisfied
382 The New Items in the Shop
381 Upholding Justice
380 You Deserve the Terrible Ending
379 Turning everything to nothing
378 Godly Weapon Fragments.
377 The Warriors Strike Back
376 The World-Ending Sword 23
375 Plan in Calm
374 Disgracing Himself in front of People outside the Continen
373 You don’t know my intention without seeing the excavator?
372 Target - Taixi Faction
371 Hurry and Stop Mr. Fang!
370 The Power that Shocks the World
369 The Most Righteous Spiritual Spell in the World
368 Wage War Together
367 Hidden Crisis
366 A Talking Teleportation Array
365 The Teleportation Array Is Made
364 Take My Heavenly Mirror!
363 Where’s Old Demon Youquan? Come Out!
362 I’ve Read Four Scrolls of Heavenly Book
361 Broaden your view
360 This is not Yimu True Flame
359 Catastrophe
358 Crisis in the Nanhua Faction
357 Coming Out Soon
356 Scheduling Battle
355 Pirate Plan
354 Who Is More Powerful
353 Still Brewing
352 The Final Battle Part Two
351 The Final Battle Part 1
350 The Battle Between Immortals
349 The Towering Demonic Power
348 Mr. Fang’s Group Tour Starts Again
347 Shu Mountain
346 Having to do it in person
345 What Do You Want to Do?
344 How come there are less people?
343 Do you crave for strength? 2
342 Do you crave for strength? 1
341 The collision of the two civilizations, the peace before the storm
340 Mr. Fang’s Off-Road Vehicle
339 The Armored Car Will Take You Flying
338 Driving A Ground Plane
337 New Job
336 Accidents of New Drivers in the Otherworld
335 Everyone, Come and Rob
334 Robbing is a technical job
333 The Road Killers
332 Playing Robin Hood
331 Godly Driver of Mount Haruna
330 Mortal’s civilization
329 GTA5 Begins
328 The Construction Site of Excavators
327 It's Overkill
326 Taking the Risk
325 Entering the Royal City
324 The Imminent Battle of the Royal City
323 The Grand Cultivators Playing with Magic
322 The Wizard World that Amazed the Cultivators
321 The Group Tour to the Fantasy World
320 The Second Movie Emerges
319 The Battle with Orochi; Startled by the Interlude Animation
318 Mr. Fang Who Challenged Orochi
317 A Grey Week
316 Love Curse
315 Mr. Fang Showing Off his skills in KOF Again
314 The Battle for the Royal City - Winner Becomes King and the New Grand Theft Auto
313 Only Masters Deserve to Enter the Internet Café
312 The Horrifying High Prices and An Imminent Blood Storm!
311 The Whole Place Was in An Uproar!
310 The Last Item in the Auction
309 Why can’t I use it?
308 Sell the Magic Shield Skill Book Firs
307 It doesn’t sound right!
306 Items That Can’t be Understood
305 This Might Be the Weirdest Auction
304 The Appearance of the Three Godly Weapons! Everyone Is Stimulated
303 Fierce City Defense Battles!
302 Monsters Besieging Cities and the Devil Emerges
301 You’ve changed!
300 I’m not smoking a cigarette but loneliness
299 I’ll turn off your computers if you yell again!
298 My Senior Sister Who Is a Drama Queen
297 Friend Circle in QQ
296 New Movie, and Plants vs Zombies
295 The auction of virtual items?
294 Join or get ou
293 Various Beating and Crazy Torture
292 A Little Game - the King of Fighters
291 It’s you that I want to kill
290 The QQ Trading Ne
289 The crazy trade of virtual items
288 A Glorious Victory
287 Dajin’s Rise!
286 Iron Army!
285 Charge!
284 The first battle between Yundian Upper Realm and Dajin Country!
283 Conquering the City
282 Fighting the Landlord
281 Lake and Fish
280 The No.1 Guild and the Imminent War
279 Training Soldiers
278 A new storm is coming
277 Old Demon Fang Could Make Friends?
276 Hurrying home to collect vegetables
275 I, Fang Qi, am willing to acknowledge you as the most powerful!
274 One Puff Refreshes Your Mind, and Two Puffs Energize Your Body
273 Long-distance runner Mr. Fang
272 Mr. Fang Might Be in Trouble
271 All Strategies
270 Laotie of Jiuhua City
269 The System Is Facing a Shortage of Materials?
268 Fled offline and new recruits
267 The Tourist Group of Jade Dynasty
266 Bitten by A Dog
265 I Stole the Vegetable with My Abilities
264 A Group of Idle People Began Their New Life
263 Mr. Fang’s Paradise
262 You Don’t Like The Legend of Mir 2? How about stealing vegetables?
261 A System for the Military! Wars Between Countries Are About to Start!
260 The Horrifying Army of Six!
259 Practice Enchanting Light in Seclusion
258 Losing Interes
257 Mr. Fang from Africa.
256 The Legend of Mir 2 Gets More Popular
255 The first step of Wuwei Daoist Alliance
254 Big Guilds in Their Infancies
253 A Cussing War of The Corpses
252 The War Escalate
251 Tipping Poin
250 The battle in the Newbie Village
249 The Reputation Is Established
248 Who Else?!
247 Heaven-Defying Online Games Guild Is Here to Smash Your Shop!
246 The Old Demon Pays a Visi
245 The Master of The Sword
244 Ultimate Items Drop Every Second
243 Miss, Do You Want to Join the Guild?
242 Why Are All the Guys in the City So Cranky?
241 You Want to Do It the Hard Way
240 No Money to Buy Potions? Kill and Rob!
239 Suicidal Charge at a Big-Sabered Guard
238 Get Weapons and Kill Them
237 You Dare to Take My Rake Cat! You Are Seeking Death!
236 Establish Dominance Casually
235 With This Name, You Will Get Beat the Moment You Walk Out!
234 Build an Online Games Guild
233 The Internet Is Activated! Watching QQ!
232 The Other Side of Half City
231 The New Shop Clerk
230 I’m Still New, and I’ll Get Better at This
229 I’m Not Trying to Target Anyone
228 Mr. Fang might take a robbers’ boa
227 The Group Trip to Mount Haruna
226 The Legend of Mir 2, and the Grand Cultivators Playing with Magic Properties
225 The New Spiritual Artifact Is About to Be Born
224 Runewords and Rune Symbols
223 Trying the Guns
222 The Curtain Falls
221 Sorcerers and Sorceresses Are Done; The Quarter Final Begins
220 The Necromancer Without a Skeleton Army
219 The Strategists Are Cunning
218 36 Tiangang Sword Array, the Second Round of the Competition!
217 Continued Pressure
216 Watch the competition While Eating Spicy Sticks
215 A New Way of Making Money
214 Unpredictable Ending, and the Second Item Trade!
213 E-Sport Curse!
212 The Scheming Before Competition
211 Wind and Cloud’s Comeback! Suppress Space! World-Ending Sword 23! Part 2
210 Wind and Cloud’s Comeback! Suppress Space! World-Ending Sword 23! Part 1
209 Super Thrilling! The People in This World Also Likes Face Slaps From Wastrels
208 A New Crisis
207 About the Competition
206 People Showing off Are Destined to Be Struck by Lightning
205 Mr. Fang’s Second-Hand Smoke
204 Internet Cafe Competition: Infancy of E-Sports
203 You Must Use Your Brain While Playing Games
202 The Senior Has Strong Mental Strength, and There Are Many Levels in the Emperor Warrior Realm!
201 Want to Kill People in the Shop? The Shop Owner Is Angry!
200 As Strong as Me
199 The System’s Black Technology and the Easter Egg in Jade Dynasty
198 Some people are making trouble
197 We Wuwei Daoist Alliance Won’t Attend the Conference!
196 The Senior Has Something Weighing on His Mind
195 This Guy Is Toxic
194 Wind God Kick? Look at my Cloud Expelling Palm!
193 A 40-meter long saber
192 Sir, you cheated us!
191 We’ll never go to the Cultivation Realm!
190 Messenger from Cultivation Realm
189 Invitation from the Emperor?
188 New Task: Interne
187 This Was The Whole Story
186 Otherworld!
185 I Have Special Skills to Fight the Bosses
184 The Senior Failed!
183 The Senior Seeks His Death
182 Nalan Hongwu: I’ll Show You How to Play It!
181 Want to Play Games Dressed as a Girl? Impossible!
180 Xiaoyue! Help Me Up!
179 Close the Door Behind You and Then Run
178 Looking Forward to Mr. Fang’s Performance
177 Failed in Competition of Courage! We’re Scared out of Our Wits!
176 A Competition of Courage? Disciples of Shengjing and Xiyi Will Play It!
175 Throw Clumsy Punches with Fear
174 Scared Them Out of Their Wits
173 Young Master Song! Explore the New Game!
172 Talking About the TV Series Before Morning Meeting?
171 The Old Premier Led a Team into the Internet Café
170 Let’s Go and Watch the TV Series After the Daily Meeting with the Emperor!
169 Sir! Wake up! Someone’s Smashing Your Windows!
168 Premier Zhang Can Cultivate?
167 No! The Next Update will be Next Week!
166 Sir! I’ll take one bowl of instant noodles with one sausage!
165 New Items Again!
164 Come and Train You Mind
163 Godly Sword Lightning-Controlling True Spell!
162 Watching for Free? The Shop Owner Is Nice!
161 Hooked Nalan Hongwu
160 Wanting to Destroy the Shop and Kill the Owner!
159 The New Item on Today’s Menu
158 Task Completed - Binge-Watching in This World
157 The Ending
156 Don’t Mess with the Disciples of Lingyun Academy
155 A Nimble Play
154 Challenging the Higher House!
153 Sword Control Technique!
152 The Miserable Failure of Lingyun Academy
151 Win with One Strike
150 Such a Beautiful Person Must Be a Guy
149 Keep a Low-Profile! Keep a Low-Profile!
148 National Examination
147 You All Need the Legend of Sword and Fairy
146 All the Way to the North
145 One Can Go Anywhere with the Sword Control Technique!
144 Please Take Me on the Flight!
143 Outdoor Livestream
142 Fighting for Seats
141 A Book Worm A Foodie A Fanatic
140 Professional Narrator Xiao Yulv
139 Wait In Line for About Five Hours
138 Take orders, Disciples from Liuyun Daoist Palace Cloud Ocean Faction
137 The Glory That Belonged to the Disciples!
136 Fang Qi’s Scheme
135 Come and Gain Levels!
134 Tricking Instructors to Play in Internet Café - A Smart Move
133 Diablo’s Sudden Popularity
132 The Pinnacle Duel Between Two Masters
131 A Bold Idea
130 Curiosity Killed the Ca
129 The Growing Youths
128 Popular Business
127 The Killing Strike of Lingyun Academy
126 Don’t Go to the Internet Café Tomorrow
125 Binge-watching in This World
124 Playing Using Keyboard and Mouse
123 A Comedy Livestream?
122 Playing Games? Impossible
121 Beat the Wrong Guy
120 Solving the Issue
119 Real battles Need Nimbleness
118 Broadcast It on Livestream
117 This Internet Cafe is Your Strongest Suppor
116 Guilty
115 Don’t Fire!
114 National Examination
113 Another Mix-up
112 Hunted Down by my Own Game Character...
111 The Downside of Playing Games
110 Scientific Way of Making Artifacts
109 Related business
108 Explaining Counter-Strike to Teacher
107 The Fury of Lingyun Academy
106 Typing out GG
105 Moving like Flowing Water
104 Another Big Gun
103 Great! We Can Beat the Shop Owner Soon
102 One Can Beat Shop Owner in This Game
101 Confusing the Roles
100 Modern Technology in the New World
99 Big Guy, Small Gun
98 The World is Big
97 Storm
96 Human Hearts and Minds
95 Hidden currents
94 The Legend of the Sword and Fairy
93 Surprising Everyone
92 Learning About Bullet Screens
91 Livestreaming in this New World
90 The New Shop
89 They All Have Different Things on Their Minds
88 A New Routine?
87 First Attempt at the Sword Control Technique
86 Throw Him Out Immediately
85 Talking About the Legend of the Sword and Fairy is Better than Heavenly Dao
84 New Task
83 Do Not Offend the Small Shop’s Employee
82 Prey
81 I’m Addicted, So You Should be Too
80 It’s a Giant Hole
79 Watching the New Game
78 I Think We’re in Trouble
77 Fang Qi Goes by the Rules
76 Sword control technique Exist?
75 With a Celestial Sword, I Can Go to the Heavens and Enter the Netherworld
74 Not Playing Diablo but the legend of the Sword and Fairy!
73 The Birth of Haagen Dazs and the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!
72 Make the Owner Come Back so We Can Watch Him Play!
71 The Owner Isn’t Here, So You’re All Refusing to Play?
70 Readjusting Your State of Mind
69 Parents are Here? Don’t Worry, We’re a Proper Internet Café!
68 Being Watched
67 The Disappearance of the Cloud Ocean Faction Disciples
66 An Exasperated Jiang Xiaoyue
65 It’s Addicting to Watch Others Play as Well?
64 Watch the Owner Play
63 You Can Sell Virtual Items as Well?
62 Do you Have the Courage to Compare Items?
61 Jiang Xiaoyue’s Ambitions
60 The First Draft of the Official Novel
59 Wang Tai Stands Ou
58 Don’t Fight! Play the Game First!
57 Kill Andariel at Level 2?
56 Addicted to Diablo
55 A Weird Little Shop
54 Sir! Activate the Game for Me!
53 I’m sorry, but I refuse
52 Buns for a Little loli?
51 Assassination
50 If You Want to Play, Come Back Tomorrow
49 Old Men Who Suffer from Eighth-Grader Syndrome
48 Here Comes the Elderly
47 Fans of the Plot and Official Novel
46 Have You Ever Seen a Shadow Street-Dance Army?
45 You Have to Admit Defea
44 Friend, Have You Ever Heard of Glory?
43 Playing Games is the Only Way to Go
42 Generally Speaking, Aces Can Send Him Flying
41 No One Will Marry You When You Are Expressionless and Vicious in The Tongue
40 Play Safely and Peacefully at the Internet Café
39 I Accidentally Drank It All
38 It’s Hot Outside, Games are Better with Sprite
37 Diablo and Special Sprite
36 Internet Café Upgrade
35 One Day, You Will Become a Butterfly
34 Yuan River Realm Cultivator, Would You Like to be Electrocuted?
33 A Straight-A Student Who Skipped Class
32 You Bought the Entire Street?
31 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
30 Cultivator? Electrocuted!
29 The First Cultivator to Come to this Little Shop
28 There’s no Seats Left, You’ll Have to Wai
27 It’s Only a Little Interesting?
26 The Zombie Horde – The Charisma of the End of the World!
25 The New Movie and Next Game
24 The Slow-Rising Resident Evil Hype
23 What’s a Genius? I’d Rather Discuss the Game
22 The Sweeping Declaration
21 Just Play the Game, Don’t Smash My Door
20 Ambition with the Internet, T-Virus Without Side Effects
19 How Legends Are Born
18 So-Called Skills
17 The Birth of the Tyran
16 Playing Games isn’t Trickery
15 The First Thing to do Every Morning…
14 This Internet Café Does Not Provide Overnight Services
13 The Most Reliable Weapon in Resident Evil is Actually…
12 It’s More Than Just a Game
11 If You Don’t Go Looking for Death, Death Won’t Knock on Your Door
10 Get Up If You Can
9 New Task
8 A Shop that Rips Customers Off?
7 Being Calm in the Hour of Peril – Playing Before the Big Exam
6 Do not Compromise your Integrity for Small Profits
5 Your Playtime has reached the Limi
4 The Horror of being Wrecked by a Zombie
3 Wang Tai’s Gaming Experience
2 Resident Evil One: Virtual Reality Remake
1 Super Internet Café System