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Chapter 69.2

Chapter 69: That time when we went to the human’s continent to canva.s.s and procure Part 2

After waiting for a while, the nun who welcomed me earlier came in and said .

「I have heard about it from the priest . I am Adrea . I am pleased to make your acquaintance」

「Likewise . The name’s Caam」

We greeted each other then she immediately went down to business .

「I apologize for being abrupt but I want to talk about our schedule . What should I do?」

「We came to this port city via s.h.i.+p to procure goods among other stuff so we will be departing two days from now in the morning . Would that be alright?」

「It should be fine . I’ve lived a simple life and I only have a few personal belongings after all . I already have all of my clothes in a bag so there should be no problems」

I don’t think that’s something you should say so proudly…… What kind of woman has all of her belongings in just one bag?

「I see . Well, let me know if you have something important that needs to be prepared . If it’s something that only a woman can get, let me know as well so that I can give you the money to buy it」

「Hmm… Are you worried that I won’t have enough underwear? I also don’t have a lot of habits but they don’t need to have embroideries such as this . A simple one is more than enough . We have plenty of spares in this church so should I bring another smaller bag full of them?」 1

「Sure . I can’t buy you the underwear though . I’ll be providing you with the money so would you be okay with buying it yourself?」

「I understand . From looking at the doc.u.ment, I see that it takes six days by boat to reach the island so I will prepare a bit more . As for the type of underwear, flashy articles are too excessive for a body such as mine so something cheap would be enough . I know a place that sells a pair for 2 large copper coins so if you can give me enough for three pairs, that would be perfect」

「I see . Well then, I’ll give you the money now . Let’s meet again in two days at the port」

As I said that, I gave her two silver coins then went to the box for donations to the orphanage and dropped in two large silver coins .

As I did that,

「Uhm……that’s too much!」

I heard her call me out but I just ignored her .

「Hmm . I need to find a doctor next」

Should I ask someone again?

The area deeper into the lower cla.s.s district had an unpleasant smell so it seems like this place turns more and more into the slums the deeper I go . I wonder if there’s even a doctor in a place like this . It doesn’t seem like it will be a problem if there’s none after all .

After walking for a while, I noticed several people glaring at me . I just ignored them and continued walking but someone finally came over and picked a fight with me .

「Oi . What’s a stupid looking demonkin like you doing in a place like this . If you wanna get through this place, you better leave your luー」

Without even let

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