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nklwgm > I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island > Chapter 87.1
Chapter 87: That time when we had serious injuries on the island for the first time + extras1

TL: kizen

PR: Filip/Gecko

After having breakfast, I left Van-san to Wurst then went back to the island.

「Sorry it took me a while to come back」

I told them what happened in town and about how we’re adding a dwarf to our population.

Then, I talked about my plans for the future.

「First is about the coffee. The shop is using a lot more than I had expected so let’s slowly start harvesting the beans. We can store them for a while as long as we peel and dry them after all. Since the fis.h.i.+ng group’s leader has a good relations.h.i.+p with the sahagin called Sheila-san, he would take charge of fis.h.i.+ng as well as the transport of the harvested coffee. We won’t need that much sun-dried and smoked fish with our crops being so close to harvest so you guys don’t have to fish as much for the meantime」


「You’re going to have more free time to flirt you know?」

For some reason, he became shy and just looked down without replying. Come to think of it, I still don’t know his name. It would probably be a good idea to ask what it is soon.

「I’m also planning to a.s.sign some of the members of the reclamation team to harvest the cacao which is located over on the left hand side of the mountain. We’ll finalize things after the flat-bottomed boats are completed. If I remember correctly, there were plenty of goblins around that area so we’ll need some fighting power as well」

「Is it my turn again?」

The man who was in charge of guarding the herb gathering group spoke up.

「Can you defeat goblins?」

「Of course. I can easily take on three of those guys you know?」

So he’s not the type to overestimate himself by saying he can take them all on, huh?

「Then I’ll leave it to you」

「It’s a different forest so there might be bears or deer. Anyway, good luck」

Hmー. I don’t know if Wild Herb-san is just the type that’s way too frank but that sounded like he was having a dig at the man. It was as if she was saying that the man who was escorting her this entire time was never necessary. I guess she just doesn’t see him as a love interest huh?

Ah, looks like he became disheartened by that……

「Anyway, what else…… Oil has also been requested so I guess we should find time to go and harvest that as well. Let’s harvest this plant even when it’s not harvesting season. The simple houses that were being built by the Demon Lord’s castle site are almost done so we should also begin preparations to move. Only a few of the men will have to stay here by the bay and take turns keeping watch」

I looked around and made sure there were no children there before I resumed.

「As for the couples, if you’re going to do the deed, please do it in the houses built near the Demon Lord’s castle construction site. That way, n.o.body would mind even if your voices leak out a bit」

The humans just awkwardly smiled after hearing that.

「Also, as for the children’s education. Adrea-san, can I leave that to you?」

「Yes. No problem. What should I teach them?」

「Let’s see. How about simple reading and writing as well as arithmetic so that they won’t get cheated at the very least」

「Understood. I’ll teach them those things. Would the common language be alright?」

「Yes. I’m hoping that in two season cycles, we’ll get more merchants from both the humans and demonkin sides to come to do trade with us. Having the islanders be literate might help out with that. It would also be nice if we can get more people to move to the island」


「Um, you can teach those subjects, right?」

「Yes. I also taught the children at the orphanage behind the church so it should be fine」

Good. I don’t know what I would have done if she couldn’t.

「Wait, how literate are the humans in the first place?」

「If it’s a large village, most would be able to read but if it’s a poor village then

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