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nklwgm > I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island > Chapter 50
Chapter 50

Chapter 50

TL: kizen

ED: Filip

AN: Still just sc.r.a.ping along and just as irregular as ever1.

At last, he’s finally going to become a demon lord.

There were still a few days left until the end of the year festival so while I was at the village, Latte, Suzuran and I stayed at the usual vacant house that we borrow. Even though we were pretty much lovers who were living under the same roof, this world’s society doesn’t officially recognize a married couple2if they don’t have a child.

「I want to have a child soon」

Suzuran has been pestering me with that so I made arrangements for an environment where we can live away from everybody else by renting the vacant house for 30 days.

While we were preparing for the festival, I saw Kuchinas.h.i.+ for the first time in a while. Her belly was already quite big but I wonder how long till she gives birth. Since the parents come from different races so I’m not really sure. It seems like it’s much more difficult for the baby to form if the parents are not from the same race after all.

When I asked Wurst, he told me that it would usually just take a hundred days for the goblin race. I’m not sure if that’s just what they were taught or if they actually start counting that from the time the woman misses a period but it seems like the saying that goblins are really fertile was actually true. I’m not sure if it’s the same with the monster goblins though.

I don’t know if it was spurred on by Kuchinas.h.i.+’s pregnancy but Mir and Tryapka-san started talking about preparing for their own. Their discussion also reached a drunk Suzuran’s ears so that’s why she started wanting her own as well.

Well, I guess even Granade is doing it. What’s with this baby making boom that’s going on with my cla.s.smates?

Thanks to what the bald rat did back in the front lines, I managed to get 6 gold coins from that quest. If we add that to our current savings then I think we’ll be able to manage somehow if we make one now. With that out of the way, the two of us strived to fulfill our the desire to make a child.

For some reason, Latte was just propping up Suzuran instead of actively partic.i.p.ating. To be honest, my body is thankful for it but I’m a bit worried. She’s probably just being mindful though.

But still, to think that even though we’re doing it everyday… She’s been telling me when her safe days are before so there more or less is a way to tell when they’re fertile but, I wonder if that part also got PTSD from the battlefield…

I took my time going back to town after the new year festival ended. It would have been troublesome to rent it every time I came back so we just went ahead and bought the vacant house that we usually rented. We also made Latte move out of her apartment on the second floor of a bar in the lower-cla.s.s district and had her move to Beryl.

The price for the materials, labor, and all other things, the house cost me a total

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