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nklwgm > I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island > Chapter 62 part2
Chapter 62: That time when I had an in-island adventure Part 2

TL: kizen

ED: Gecko/Filip

After about two more hours of walking, the crater came into view. I tried peeking into the hole that should be no less than a hundred meters while making sure not to fall. I can see the lava bubbling in it.

I’ve seen a video of a human-sized bag of garbage being thrown into lava caused the volcano to erupt so I won’t even try to do anything to it for now. Before going back home, I took another dip in the hot spring while trying to come up with a way for us to utilize that volcano.

「Oi, Caam. Where were you? I tried asking Fleur-san where you were but it seemed like she didn’t know so we had no idea where you were. Also, there was a demonkin that looked like a bird」

While complaining, the dog-eared old man pointed towards the harpy on the roof looking around restlessly.

「Ahー…… I guess there were no red flowers there. I was just at the top of that mountain you know? Also, that girl is a harpy. As you can see, she’s a bird-like demonkin」

「Haaー. Fine, I’ll stop getting all worked up about every single thing that you do since it’ll be bad for my heart. Just do whatever you like」

「Sorry about that」

「You don’t have to apologize. You’re just trying to make this island better as a Demon Lord, right? I’m guessing that that bird has something to do with that」

Nope, she doesn’t have anything to do with that…… I just happened to meet her.

「I just tried inviting her to come live with us since I though we may be able to use her to scan for enemies from the sky as well as delivering messages」

I just tried to come up with an excuse for now.

「You didn’t abduct her, right?」

「I asked for permission so it’s not abducting. I just told her that there was a village over here」

「I-I see……」

It doesn’t look like he believes me…… Well, I’ll just try talking to her for now.

「Hey, now that I think about it, I didn’t ask for your name. Mine’s Caam, what’s yours?」

「It’s Facil!」 [TL: ファーシル]

「Thanks for telling me. It’s almost time for lunch so do you want to eat with us?」



I turned around and tried to show the dog-eared old man that I wasn’t a bad guy.

「You say that but……」

He just gave me a look that’s implying that I’m clearly a dangerous person.

The food was ready a while after that conversation so I tried talking to her once again while everyone was eating lunch together.

「Hey, you can tell that I’m not a bad guy now that you can see that everyone is getting along and having their meals together, right?」

I stroked Wulf’s fur while saying that.

「Hmmー, anyone who gives me food is a good guy」

「Right, right. You wouldn’t want to abuse everyone just because you’re a Demon Lord, right?」

「Un! I’ll call everyone!」


The girl named Facil flew back to the mountains after saying that.

「……at least hear out what I have to say until the end……」


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