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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: That time when I felt like I was somewhat cursed

We ran out of ingredients because of that huge mud ball I made yesterday so I am now a.s.signed to a.s.sist with the firing of the bricks . The craftsmen are the ones who are actually in charge of monitoring the temperature and stuff so all I’m doing is chopping the firewood . I shouldn’t really get involved in that kind of meticulous task anyway since I’m an amateur and all . Although, if it’s just something simple like throwing the firewood on to the fire then, it’ll probably be okay .

【Skill・Physical Augmentation: 3】acquired .

After continuously swinging the axe for three days, I guess it’s only natural that it would go up .

During lunchtime, the boss said,

「Kon, for some reason, I feel like you’ve suddenly become muscular lately」

「It’s only natural since I’ve been swinging an axe a lot you knowー」

I just said to try and gloss it over .

Even if I’m just using the skill at 3%, it seems like it’s level would still go up and my muscles would also increase a bit .

Once work was over, I did my usual routine of buying stuff for dinner and pa.s.sed the bathhouse on my way home .

「Found you, you bucket wielding dark blue son of a b.i.t.c.h! Don’t move from there, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!」

「Over here, quick!」

「So you’re here!」

「We’re going to get you this time!」

A few of them came from a different path but a four-person group who were looking for me appeared . These guys are the drunkards that I met the other day, right?

I’ll ignore them for now and just pa.s.s by them while act like I’m thinking,

『Hmm, I wonder who are these guys talking about . Is there someone who looks like that behind me I wonder?』

「Wait . Don’t run away!」

Ahー I should have known that something like that wouldn’t work . It didn’t take that long for all of them to gather around me once more . Too bad that it’s not 8 o’clock right now . 1

「Ha? Whatever could it be? Were you not able to find that person with dark blue-like skin?」

「We’ve been looking for someone with red eyes and dark blue skin in this area for a while now and we couldn’t find anyone but you . If it’s in this area, you’re the only one who fits that description, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d . Don’t you remember? How dare you embarra.s.s me the other day with that strange skill of yours」

I pretend to think hard about it .

「Ahー those drunk guys the other day, right? Just when I thought I would be getting involved with drunkards, he suddenly fell down so I just took that chance to run away . If you got injured because of that then, I apologize . And thank you very much for that valuable information as well」2

I grinned after I said that to rile them up for a bit . If they let their blood rush to their heads then I’ll take that chance to run away again .

「You, don’t you know who we are! We’re the rank 5 party 『Dragon’s Fang』! We need to save face over here you should expect some payback 」

Hmmー, what a very chuuni-esque name . Well, I guess that’s fine since it’s easier to remember . Still, there’s always a party somewhere with that name, huh .

「Ahー, then would we be even if I just fall down? There’s nothing behind me right?」

I checked whether there was something behind me then proceeded to fall over but they didn’t take it that well .

「You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Stop joking around!」

What else do they want from me?

「Should we beat you black and blue for the time being? He he he . We didn’t drink sake for a while just for this」

Uwaー what a vulgar laugh . They must have a lot of free time if they stopped drinking just so they can go and look for me . Wait, how do they even deal with acts of violence in the town? They don’t have their swords equipped right now though .

「Ahー whatever . So you guys want to deal with this like that, huhー」

After saying that, I immediately started my preparations .

『Image・Dry and fi

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