Guy_ Heaven's App
Liam was at the point of his life where he couldn't care about anything at all. After being kicked out of his classroom from sleeping, he opened his phone just to notice that it doesn't have any app besides one. The Heaven's App. Having nothing to do, for the time being, he curiously opened it and he saw things that weren't quite pleasing to him. \"This is lame.\" After a few interactions...
steph38 Short stories about life
just stories, no real genre. almost everything I write is fiction so I put fantasy. most of my stories are sad just so you know. their is some happy ones too. viewer discression is advised. some content is not good for younger viewers
Deep_Diver Fallen Guardian : The last Shadow
"I will make sure that they can't follow you. Run as fast and far as you can, don't look back and brace for impact when you hear it.. " Thousands of eyes that looked up to him with utmost respect and hope, saw him fade into a distance as they ran in a direction opposite to their guardian, holding a sword, which no one dared to ever hold. "You see, the problem is, I don't go back on my words....
Tsarck Zaraki Kenpachi in Dragon Ball Z
Born to fight, this monster had been bored his entire life. He had a few fun times when he had fought against mighty foes, yet when he died.........He regretted everything he had done in his life. If he didn't had become a Shinigami, maybe he could've live the thrill of battle much more than he did as a Captain. However it seems that a certain little child that govern the 12 Universes...
DGXAres Ice god of fantasy world
Child is born from the goddess of a fantasy world and a wind god from earth.